NYPD to roll out new “Smart Car” vehicles

Police vehicles that make use of surprising or unusual shapes still need to bear the right logos so that department maintains its good name. We've already looked at a few different types of police car revamps, and the New York Police Department is ready to add nine new, smaller vehicles to its fleet, according to the New York Daily News. What makes these vehicles special is that they are "Smart Cars" meant to replace the scooters used by the city's fleet.

As photos from the source show, these eight-foot-long mini-cars may be much smaller than most cruisers, but compared to the scooters they are replacing, they bring better safety features and, at $119,000 for all nine vehicles, are a cost-effective option. The plan is to introduce these cars, which all bear the official NYPD logo, into service during the next few weeks, depending on the success of the initial pilot program, with more to follow in the future.

The source spoke to the NYPD's Deputy Commissioner Robert Martinez, who listed some of the advantages. He said the cars are "a little less than half the price of a three-wheel scooter and it's a real vehicle with air bags and air conditioning and heat." He added that "The Smart Cars are crash tested while the three-wheel scooters are technically motorcycles."

The bodies of these cars are white with blue stripes and lettering, clearly visible and also displaying the NYPD logo prominently on the door. The words "NYPD POLICE" are also printed on the hood, which could give the organization more exposure than the smaller space on the exterior of scooters.

With truck decals and other appropriate imagery chosen for the outside of each vehicle, police organizations can make their more widely known and confirm the addition of new cars and other options.