Oscar Mayer Weinermobile maintains strong brand presence

There's perhaps no more famous branded vehicle in the country than the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile, probably the best-known case of a company designing something to bring its most recognizable product to life. An article written for AL.com last October presented details about the construction of the roving frankfurter, and it shows the massive care the meat mainstays put into reaching potential customers.

Why has the Weinermobile remained so popular over the years? Part of the appeal has to be the novelty, as it's near-impossible for anyone to think of the the brand without mentioning its key promotional vehicle, or vice-versa. In addition to its recognizable shape, the "hot dog" section of the Weinermobile has always had a distinctive giant-sized version of the Oscar Mayer logo on its exterior.

However, photos included with the article show that the branding extends into the interior as well, with the seats sporting logos that resemble miniature versions of the Weinermobile itself. And the overall decor also reflects the product, using colors like ketchup-red and mustard-yellow to make the branding inescapable.

Just because it has a history behind it doesn't mean that the Weinermobile hasn't evolved. Oscar Mayer has launched a mobile app to help fans track any of the six functioning Weinermobiles as they travel the United States. While the app was launched last summer, It has relevance year-round due to the easy application of the company's meat products to a number of different situations.

Needless to say, not every business lends itself to a vehicle as customized as this one. Even so, a vinyl car wrap that involves the company's logo, product image or both can achieve iconic status if it helps the vehicle stand out enough to the viewer.