Police can still have fun with their vehicle designs

Police cars are normally no laughing matter, and every department across the country needs to choose graphics and designs that will convey an official look and message for the authorities. However, this doesn't mean that official vehicles can't be used for creativity and fun in certain circumstances, as long as the original intent isn't lost. The 3M blog spotlights an example from Kansas City of a policeman whose car was the source of a practical joke, just in time for April Fool's Day.

According to the post, an elaborate prank played on Detective Stuart Littlefield was actually meant to celebrate his 50th birthday. Since he has been known to be mischievous around the department, co-workers completely covered the entire car with brightly colored sticky notes and balloons, including the windshield and tires.

Not surprisingly, the images of these decorations have spread over the internet and been picked up by media sources. Aside from being an amusing story, this also shows that taking a light approach to police vehicles is possible if done right.

A vinyl car wrap is, to be sure, more durable and long-lasting than thousands of sticky notes. But police departments have other options to add something festive or upbeat to their vehicles that won't interfere with the traditional message. Clear decals, for examples, could be added to the windows, so the areas of the vehicle that are usually home to logos and related things will stay easy-to-see and uncovered.

Consider the different options Pressure Sensitive Products offers and create a strategy for improving the visibility of active vehicles. Adding color or some other form of attention-grabbing material, whether temporary or permanently, comes with an increased chance that the public will pay more attention.