Popular food and ice cream truck for sale in Houston

If your food truck design does its job, it could not only bring you business but could also make your vehicle iconic in the area where you operate. The Houston Chronicle recently reported on a truck that has operated in that city since just 2010 but has become well-known due to its unique colorful design. Now, it is being put up for sale on Craigslist.

For $18,500, interested buyers can own the vehicle, a converted schoolbus with a distinctive and psychedelic exterior. Bright pink, blue and red colors contrast with the company's logo, a pair of miniature letter "e's" with legs and chef's hats. Though it serves more than just dessert, the company began with ice cream and incorporated this into its design as well.

The entire truck is for sale, including the facilities onboard like the sinks and freezer. On Craigslist, the truck is described as being "fully equipped and ready to start making you money." Ryan Soroka, one of the owners of the company, described the evolution of the business back when they started and how their vehicle changed as they grew.

"We were selling a lot of ice cream, but our customers wanted our sandwiches back, too, so we converted it to a full-fledged food truck serving hot food and ice cream," he said.

Although the new owner of this vehicle could paint  it or choose a different style for the exterior altogether, the images on the side are a part of what make this truck "historical." That's a testament to the lasting power of truck decals and other design elements that make a truck distinctive and interesting. Choose wisely and you could add serious value to your vehicle.