Rideshare service lets users hitch a ride with a Transformer

Some promotions that involve flashy truck decals are specifically for looking, not touching. They can tie into a specific campaign or important event while still making it clear that the average consumer won't be getting near them. That's not the case when it comes to a promotion from car-sharing service Uber, who has deployed a truck sporting the same colors as the famous Transformer Optimus Prime.

According to a post that appeared on the official Uber blog, users of the well-known app in Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles will have a chance to actually take a ride in the truck for a limited time, which is available in conjunction with the upcoming release of the new Transformers movie, "Age of Extinction."

The initiative will work by adding a special icon to the app that resembles the heroic "autobots" from the franchise: users will be able to summon this truck to this location and use it like any other for-hire vehicle.

A piece in Business Insider on this campaign featured a tweet from an appreciative user in the Dallas area who took photos of the distinctive truck's paintjob and some of the people standing around it. It is obviously imperative in these situations that the custom vehicle wraps that are selected conform to the accepted design of the character and maintain a link to the franchise. Photos show the shiny blue and red exterior of the truck's cab interspersed with flame-like swirls. 

Although there may be practicality issues limiting this kind of campaign in your area, it hammers home the point that much depends on getting the designs exactly right.