Self-published author beats system with vehicle signs

In a way, using custom vehicle wraps can help you not only increase the visibility of your brand but have some control over where these ads are seen. Independent businesses can use this space for the same amount of effectiveness as major brands: just look at what one independent author, Richard Veitch, has been able to do with his own guerilla vehicle-based ad campaign.

According to The Bookseller, the British-based writer currently has a self-published novel called "The Undead" and no literary agent to represent him. To counteract this, he is traveling around in a van that flaunts his lack of representation rather than consider it a weakness.

This all seems to be part of an unconventional campaign that also consists of approaching publishers with baked goods. But although Veitch has said that he thinks of this as being "tongue in cheek," it also represents a genuine attempt to drum up more business.

"People adore it, it's constantly picking up five star reviews on Amazon and the following's massive," he said. "I keep doing agents' submissions, and I've had a couple showing tentative interest, but then, 'No.' I've just done another round of submissions and I thought 'I'll just go to London'"

Though this may be an example of a writer converting their cult status from another place into more mainstream attention, it can also apply to a certain class of business. If you have a personal fleet of vehicles for your company, custom truck lettering and other kinds of traveling advertising can be a means of "going your own way" and taking a stand to promote yourself.