South Carolina police department makes subtle changes to vehicles

The police in Columbia, South Carolina, are reportedly updating the design of the cars they use, but unlike some overhauls, it's not a major change from the previous choice. As local news source The State reports, the department considered it vital to keep the graphical style close to what residents would be familiar with. These vehicles will be of the Chevrolet Caprice model with a special graphic wrap applied.

Fleets don't need to deviate so much from their original design to find something that works, and this case seems to be proof of that. In addition to being recognizable and effective, this upcoming vehicle design, expected to be put into use within the next four years, will be easy to replace and save the department money.

Police Chief Skip Holbrook explained how these new cars will be both a significant change and not too far from the norm.

"We wanted to make some subtle changes that would allow us to transition without having a drastic difference that wouldn't confuse folks," he said. "Much of the state of the police department hasn't changed in a number of years and we know that the growth of the city is dynamic. So, we have to change."

Another article from the same source reported that Holbrook is also planning a five-year modernization for the department in general, which would possibly include moving to a new headquarters and addressing other facilities, like a new garage on-site.

Because they can fit easily into other plans to update a department's image, police should consider a vinyl car wrap as one way to change police cruisers without altering their image too much. No matter how much time has passed since the last redesign, this could be a way to revitalize interest in the public.