Southwest Airlines gets new logo

Brand logos and personality go hand in hand, and Southwest Airlines has made its name by offering a recognizable attitude to go with its flights. Now, the airline is adjusting its image to appeal to a softer, more heart-felt aspect — literally.

In addition to a retooled paint scheme and a rounder logo, Southwest is adopting a tricolor heart image that will be painted on the body of its aircraft. Photos of the makeover, recently released by the company, show a refurbished dark blue body with vivid stripes of orange and red up the tail fin. The heart logo is located on the door and underbelly, giving anyone who happens to be near a plane something to look for as it flies overhead.

The redesign is reportedly a rare one, since the company has kept the same coloring for its aircraft for the past 13 years. The Houston Chronicle quoted executive vice president Bob Jordan, who called this new paint job a "facelift."

"Southwest always strives to stand out in a sky of sameness," he said. "We have a bold new look to continue the legacy of standing out and being different in the way we express ourselves." The CEO of the company also said in a blog post that the heart logo represents "our commitment that we'll remain true to our core values as we set our sights on the future."

The makeover coincides with other new design changes: according to Bloomberg Businessweek, flight attendants will wear new uniforms that reflect the adjusted color scheme.

Similar vehicle logos, including truck decals, send a message of the core values of the brand even as it remains ever-changing.