Successful and unconventional food truck marketing

In a saturated market, your company needs to make sure its food truck stands out, and there are multiple ways to do that. It all stems from the image you promote through your logos and food truck design. Once you have a prominent brand presence, promoting your truck will be easier and you'll see more new converts who previously knew nothing about you now interested in learning about your service.

These marketing techniques don't have to be literally represented on your truck, but it helps if there's some visual connection. The Scranton Times-Tribune recently reported on a food truck called What the Fork that has made the $2 bill a signature of its business.

According to the source, the truck's owner, Mario Bevilacqu, believes handing out the bills helps the truck create a tangible connection. When customers see that bill, Bevilacqu says that they will remember where they got it and think about What the Fork favorably.It's a trademark that "doesn't cost them anything."

This is similar to the advice given by Richard Myrick in Mobile Cuisine, who says that any successful food truck will need to play off of the existing feelings that customers have toward its brand.

"The purpose of the brand elements is not to create those feelings, but to remind customers of them," she said. "If their feelings about your truck are negative, those brand elements simply remind them of how much you dislike the end product being sold from your service window."

Reinforcing the positive image of your brand is easy when you've put the effort into making a unique series of truck decals. Work with a professional sign company to get assistance in this area.