The new restrictions facing San Diego food trucks

Although they have been around for more than a hundred years, recent times have seen the food truck become a hip, hotly-competitive staple of urban cuisine. But with a surge in popularity and competition may come some new rules that food trucks need to abide by.

This seems to be the case in San Diego, where a local radio source reports that new regulations could change the way that food trucks operate in this region. These include restrictions on space, where the trucks can go, and how late they are allowed to sell food. The source alleges that around 75 different trucks operate in the San Diego County area. 

Some of the rules, particularly those that apply to drinking alcohol in the proximity of a food truck, seem to be driving toward fair appreciation of the other businesses operating in the area. San Diego's local Fox affiliate quoted local Councilwoman Lorie Zapf, who said that these regulations were intended to be considerate of all kinds of locally-based businesses and as such a form of "compromise."

"I want everyone to be successful," she said. "I want the brick-and-mortar restaurants to be successful and also the food trucks to be successful—and I absolutely think there is room for both to be successful."

Is there a chance for your food vendor to incorporate features that help enforce these kinds of rules into your company's food truck design? If the basic rules guiding your business strategy is forced to change, including when you can operate and the types of places where you are allowed to vend your wares, updating the vehicle graphic wraps to reflect this that you use might ultimately be to your benefit.