Truck decals offer great visibility and marketing opportunities

If you're a business owner, you want to maximize your brand's visibility and reach, but not strain your budget. One of the most effective and economical ways to achieve these goals is through custom vehicle wraps. Vehicles garner as many as 10 million visual impressions yearly, according to the American Trucking Association, which translates to them being an optimal marketing platform for your business. 

With custom vehicle wraps and graphics, you're able to broadcast all of the important information about your business — including its website, phone number and email — in an lively way, guaranteed to get customers' attention.

In addition to increasing your business's visibility and brand awareness, wraps and graphics can also enhance your vehicle's safety. For instance, you can opt for reflective graphics, which enhance nighttime visibility. You also have options in terms of how much of your vehicle you want covered.

For businesses looking for standard and permanent graphics, opaque decals present a good option. You can use them to cover an existing problem area of your vehicle, or an area where a previous decal was located. 

There are other solutions available too, including fleet wraps, which can cover anywhere from a portion to the entire vehicle. Fleet wraps can transform a vehicle on the road to a moving billboard and full-fledged marketing machine. 

At Pressure Sensitive Products, we use the 3M Matched Component System when producing your decals. From opaque decals to fleet wraps, we offer a range of options for your business. Contact us at (623) 907-0047 to learn more about our solutions.