Truck graphics can work for campaign-based marketing

Does your business need permanent truck decals that convey timeless brand imagery? Or are you preparing for a major campaign that needs to be heavily promoted?

Either way, the imagery on official company vehicles plays an important role, and tailor-made decals or wraps will bring the message directly to target locations. All you'll need to do is drive by for potential customers to see the work you've put into your marketing.

Based on the company's specifications, the ideal decals will be durable during operation and be easy to read and identify. If something goes wrong or the decal needs to be removed, the best vehicle graphics will come away with no residue left behind and no sanding needed. This can leave the vehicle exterior clean and ready for a new set of decals if the campaign changes.

In some cases, the car or truck is a major focal point of the ad campaign itself. CNN recently profiled a Carl's Jr. campaign for the "Most American Thickburger" the features a stylized truck with an American flag on the side, along with other stereotypically "American" images.

Another example is the Idaho company Potandon Produce, which tours the country with a vehicle designed to replicate an old-fashioned diner. Though these are both extreme cases, the very noticeable images on the side could give consumers the thrill of recognition if they spot the car or truck they are familiar with from advertising spots on the road "in real life."

Your company's brand needs have to be respected through appropriate logo materials. For small or large ideas, work with experienced designers to feel assured that your brand-sporting vehicles will make a sensation wherever they arrive.