Trucking group creates new official logo

Trucking industry logos help businesses understand which design elements are most associated with the industry and could be most useful for their own purposes. Images like roads, tires or maps help to drive home the idea of what a trucking-related company stands for and give customers a notion of what to expect when they do business with them.

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), for example, has a new, sleekly designed logo image that takes cues from its previous look while maintaining establishing a new style. TruckingInfo featured an article on the redesign as well as a side-by-side comparison of the two images. While both logos use a background symbol reminiscent of a United States highway sign, the older one shows the detailed image of a truck superimposed over the outline of the United States.

In contrast, the new one is far simpler, with just an illustration of a curving road and the organization's name on top of the sign. In a press release from November, the organization's chairman, Shepard Dunn, referred to the change as one of the results of the TCA's president, Brad Bentley, who recently took the reins of the association.

"Our new leader is a direct reflection of where we're going in the future and the connections we are forging with both our current and potential members,"' Dunn said. "Our hope is that our new logo reflects that." He added that "the logo is fresh, it's new, it connects with a new generation, and it captures who we are."

Take a cue from these kinds of logo changes to see what designs are becoming popular for trucking-related businesses and which could be best for changing your own company's approach to a successful, recognizable brand image on truck decals and beyond.