Using red or orange in police car designs

As with any government vehicles, users of police cars should spend a lot of time thinking about the best design for their cars. While there are colors that most people will likely associate with the police, namely blue and black, these are far from the only ones available, which means that departments could have a wider range of options for their vinyl car wrap than they might think.

Officers in Bangs County TX, will have access to pickup trucks and patrol cars that sport red stripes on the side in addition to the colors white, blue and black. This is intended as an upgrade from the comparatively plainer logo previously used, which just included black lettering.

A police car in Gaston County, NC, is employing even more remarkable use of color to stand out. The Gaston Gazette has reported on a 2014 Dodge Charger with black and orange signs on the side in the shape of a police badge.

Captain Bill Melton told the source about this vehicle, and why the department decided on this particular look. The car made its first appearance last summer and has been seen in local parades since.

"We are proud of our heritage and we were given the opportunity to create a retro car 57 years after the original 1957 cars hit the road," Captain Melton said. "It's sort of an eye-catcher. It's retro, but it's different for us, so it stands out."

Think of these as examples of alternate colors and styles being successfully incorporated into the outsides of a police car or truck. Take this into consideration when looking for the vehicle graphic wraps that can make these autos into recognizable members of any local police fleet.