What to consider when using screen-printed logos

Although it's not the only way we make personalized decals, custom screen printing is one of Pressure Sensitive Products' premiere services. For a durable and exciting image that's perfect for vehicles, our clients should think of this method as a prime option if they want a design that is going to last for a while and be suited for constant exposure. 

Aside from the strength of screen printed decals, there are other reasons that make them versatile. They can fit on different surfaces and incorporate custom shapes, large or small. Companies that have never used graphics made this way before may see a noticeable difference between their new, screen-printed pieces and what they have relied on in the past.

Another factor to be considered when pondering screen printing is the amount of copies you will need of a certain custom decal. Some companies will just need a single logo for the sides of vehicles, while others will need many for every car in the fleet.

No matter how large the order is, professionals will help with both the creation of the logo and its application. When there are many vehicles that need to be covered, keeping a uniform look on all of them is important, and consistent precision adds to that.

Police cars, ambulances and other important emergency vehicles are a prime example of how logos have to contain a lot of information and look just as strong on every member of the fleet. Done right, the authorities will have the commanding presence they need for whatever situation they are summoned to.

Learn more about screen printing and our other custom services by sending us an inquiry and getting a free estimate. We can advise on the best colors and materials for your next redesign or campaign.