When police car logos meet social media content

This blog has spoken many times before about how the font and graphical style of a police car logo, rendered on a vinyl car wrap, could impact the affect it has for onlookers. The content might need to be changed to fit the times, too, as police departments develop more ways to inform the public through modern media channels.

The New York Daily News reported on an update that will add Twitter information onto the exteriors of many official New York Police Department vehicles, and says that city officers are now actually required to use Twitter as of this year.

That source adds that the Twitter usernames, or "handles," are going to be displayed in a highly visible bright blue font on 1,700 vehicles, including cruisers. A photo included with the source shows the way the Twitter handle sits on the rear bumper under the larger words, "NYPD POLICE." Interestingly, the Twitter logo is already blue and fits with the blue font on the rest of the car.

The handles won't correspond to the specific cars themselves, but rather the precincts they operate in. Theoretically, this measure could encourage citizens to get in touch with the police through Twitter and also think of the department as more involved with current technology.

Decals for car vehicles don't have to merely uphold the same tired imagery that has always been associated with the authorities. Custom logo decals in particular are great for helping police and other federal agencies adapt their logo strategy according to what they need to promote on their most widely-used vehicles. Cars, trucks and vans often have a lot of space that can house important messages for the public if utilized correctly.