Which police car style is best for your organization?

Police departments should remember the different options they have for vehicle designs, and what each one might say about their fleet. A photo gallery for the Miami Herald recently looked at some examples of different police vehicles that have appeared over the years.

With the right combination of custom vehicle wraps and decals, any department could achieve the look they want. Sometimes, the traditional black and white background can be a springboard for other designs but in other cases departments might simply want to pursue a totally original look. This is especially true for specialty vehicles that are part of a departmental campaign or have to sport particular logos or images.

As an example of this last category, the Herald gallery features a photo of an all-black Sweetwater police car with pink images designed to raise breast cancer awareness. Another photo shows a Miami beach car that sports a typical police car motif on the front half and a back half that resembles a taxi cab as part of a DUI awareness initiative.

In other cases, the logos and graphics on the exterior of a vehicle can match the shape and purpose. An armored vehicle could place police truck decals in areas where they might be clearly seen from a distance, such as on the doors, and in colors that contrast with the military green present over the rest of the truck.

For police vehicles, professional designers will help render images in a way that fits the surrounding body of the auto and will last for years. Once you have a set idea in mind, it's important to hire experienced graphics companies to put your company's vision into effect quickly.