Will bumper stickers be effective in your target market?

Last month, when this blog discussed tips for creating promotional bumper stickers, we mentioned a PEMCO Insurance Northwest Poll that looked at the attitudes drivers in Washington and Oregon have towards bumper stickers.

For companies considering whether or not to use bumper stickers as a marketing tool, the information from this poll shows how location and demographics impact preference and who the company might want to appeal to.

For example, a press release from the business posted in February said that "women in Washington" and parents are among those most likely to customize their rear bumper somehow, though 18 percent of men use customized vanity plates. The poll also found that around 20 percent of drivers in the region are likely to "change their driving behavior" if they see a message they agree with on the bumper in front of them. 

As we previously reported, the most popular bumper messages concerned sports teams or clubs. Jon Osterberg, a PEMCO representative, said that this preference is indicative of the character of local drivers and what their preferences are.

"Given the popularity of teams like the Seahawks and Trailblazers, along with our pride for local schools and universities, it's not surprising that drivers choose bumper stickers touting teams, clubs and groups, over things like humor or politics," he said.

What this shows is that companies may benefit from being specific when they make bumper stickers. This marketing technique might be especially suited to populations that enjoy customizing their cars and are particularly attracted to certain design elements. 

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