Printing informative stickers and labels for outside the store

At Pressure Sensitive Products, we don't doesn't just work with large pieces meant to take up a lot of space: We can also create smaller stickers and labels for application on common surfaces. With attention to detail and a range of different design options for our products, these pieces will give you the chance to promote your brand through professional-quality labels that are appropriate for whatever use you intend them for.

You can read about some of the different types of stickers and labels we produce on the appropriate page on our website. Some of these pertain to representing your company logo proudly in an area outside the store, and can be used as successful promotional products if deployed correctly, perhaps convincing future customers to visit your stores.

In addition to the vehicle wraps, we provide for comprehensive displays on a vehicle's body. We offer bumper stickers that make fun, familiar decorations for the back of the car as well. You can use these pieces for a simple logo or include extra text to inform onlookers about your brand: Either way makes great use of this commonly observed space.

Have a product that belongs at a specific site? You can make labels that fit directly onto products and vehicles for display, further taking the brand message into a new area. All labels need to fit their location properly, and should be printed according to precise measurements so the logo looks the absolute best.

We want to help you use durable marketing pieces that will give you long-lasting use and help others get to know your company's brand more intimately through regular exposure. You can contact us by sending an inquiry to get more information about specific products and services.