Apple emphasizes the power of decals to promote its products

Apple has profited off of the creativity of its customer base, as one story from Cult of Mac details. Its latest promotional effort has involved the attraction that decals hold in the first place, and show how they can encourage creativity among users, just as they can among businesses. 

According to the story, it all stems from an interesting ad campaign the company has been using to emphasize the different options customers have when it comes to interacting with the distinctive apple logo on the back of its Macbook Air computers. A commercial shows how stickers can play off of that design or replace it, allowing users to treat the frame of the computer as something like a giant canvas.

The source says that this has been good news for those in the decal business, because weeks after the ad was released, label companies saw their sales jump up. Writing for AdWeek, Tim Nudd describes the attraction of the ad campaign and how this communicates Apple's current value system.

"Love is the key word for Apple around the Air these days, as the company emphasizes the emotional connection users have for the ultra-thin laptop. In the spot, that passion nicely manifests itself through personalization—in the countless ways owners have made their machines uniquely their own with artwork."

This campaign shows how the desire to place stickers themselves can be contagious, and that vinyl signs can capitalize on the spirit of a moment. Research custom logo decals to take advantage of these opportunities and turn blank space into an active area for interesting images.