Graphic Design

Logo tweaks reflect changing business audience

Facebook has subtly tweaked its logo design.

TV channel rebrands to attract new audience

TV Land is trying to appeal to a younger generation, but not the one you might think.

New motto? Anticipate it with new signage

Adding information, like a new motto, may require custom screen printing to be truly effective.

When a new logo color shocks your audience

Spotify has learned that changing the logo of a color even slightly can lead to a major reaction from fans.

Vinyl graphics work inside and out

Vinyl cut graphics will match your requests and be durable, which makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Change the message of your brand with new logo graphics

Is there something in your logo that doesn’t fit with your business’ value system.

When are photos right for business cards?

Photographs may not belong on a business card, depending on the circumstance.

Will your logo look good on large and small spaces?

Graphic design can be essential for making government logos look the same on all media.

Business cards for government agencies should follow specifications

With official government business cards, errors can lead to a violation of standards.

Develop the logo to match the state of your small business

Changing businesses could also have changing needs when it comes to their logos.