Business cards for government agencies should follow specifications

Business card designs won't always need to be made from scratch: In some cases, there will be specific requirements that these cards will need to follow. A relatively small design quirk could lead to confusion or a lack of continuity, so official agencies will need graphic design specialists that will follow a clients' initial order and work closely with them.

The CBC recently reported on a case where the wrong business card design caused a scandal. According to the source, the design of the backs of business cards used by the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom in London features a small but identifiable depiction of the Canadian flag with blue stripes and a blue maple leaf, instead of the red more commonly featured in most official Canadian imagery.

This blue logo fits with the font on the front of the card, and also matches the blue and gold design on the cards' fronts. They have been in use since last December, and reportedly violate the font guidelines of the country's Treasury Board. A spokesman from the Department of Foreign Affairs said that the coloring was "an oversight" that will be adjusted to meet requirements.

To avoid errors like this, businesses can find a graphic design company that will match the color they have in mind and take specifications seriously. From the very beginning, clear communication between the client and the designer should ensure that the final product looks the way they want it to at the end. This attention to detail also comes from a precise submission process, which puts clear rules in place for companies to follow when submitting their artwork for a project. 

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