Develop the logo to match the state of your small business

Logo changes can signify many things, but one of the most obvious ones is the growth of the company. As a small business gets bigger and starts to appeal to a wider audience, its logo can reflect that, in both the actual style of it and the professional quality. A startup may be more suited to a different kind of logo once they have accumulated a following.

That's what entrepreneur Adam Callinan says in an article for Entrepreneur, in which he advises startups to pick a logo strategy that matches the current size of their business. While smaller, younger ventures have to worry more about cost, longer-lived businesses can choose a graphic designer who is experienced and capable of readjusting the logo for the latest incarnation of the company.

Callinan speaks specifically to the startups that have been in business for a while and are interested in advancing their style and operations.

"You very well may be able to tweak or reinvent it in such a way that it better represents your brand," he says of the theoretical startup's logo. "At this stage, you'll be looking for the services of a branding and logo development company that has the expertise necessary to take the brand you've built and visually recreate it into something both highly creative and representative."'

Although it is important to be aware of the current state of the company, businesses of any size benefit from graphics that look great on any surface. One thing that could change is the medium that you prefer to use for the majority of your promotional signage: perhaps window graphics are a good choice at first but the focus shifts to vehicles later on. In any event, a capable, reliable designer is always helpful.