TV channel rebrands to attract new audience

Changing core elements of a brand specifically to appeal to one demographic is always a gamble if not reinforced by research and planning. Even when it's a necessary change brought on by a new audience base, a new logo for an established brand can be the subject of ridicule and criticism if a company is perceived as trying the wrong tactic. AdWeek recently reported on the new logo that TV Land is using to appeal to "Generation X" instead of the older viewership it has courted in the past.

This generation, between the Baby Boom and the Millennials, typically encapsulates people who were born between the late 60s and the early 80s. The TV channel known for showing older, classic television, though it has also aired newer programming as well.

The move to change the ethos of the channel has manifested itself in a logo that is simple, bold and slightly edgy, with strong, clear white letters on a navy blue jagged background. Previous versions of the logo have relied on a "retro" feel, with colors and font that conjure up the 1960s or 70s.

Kim Rosenblum, an executive vice president for the network, told the source that the change will heko the channel reach its new core viewers.

"Our new logo, look and editorial voice are a part of a major overhaul of the TV Land brand itself," Rosenblum said. "The majority of our audience in prime time and weekends are now Gen Xers—vibrant, working adults who grew up on MTV and edgier shows."

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