New motto? Anticipate it with new signage

Think of all of the things that may need to change when a state adopts a new motto: stationery, signs and other materials essential to promoting the government may have to be changed to include the new wording, especially if they also encompass the traditional seal or imagery of the local government. For a smaller state, this could be significant, and it's also something for businesses to consider to, if they ever need to rethink a critical part of their logo and visual identity.

Even if a motto already exists, a new one could add to the initial impression and still be an important part of image maintenance. This April, the Government of Vermont adopted a Latin motto to go alongside its existing English slogan, "Freedom and Unity."

The Latin motto doesn't just translate this into another language, but add a completely new phrase: "Stella quarta decima fulgeat," or "the fourteenth star shines bright." The logo will not go on the flag or seal, but will add to the official list of state preferences and contribute to its character when it is officially put into effect this July.

Although this Latin motto refers to the state's historical status as the fourteenth state established in the country, some seem confused as to the purpose of this project. A Valley News article quotes Governor Peter Shumlin on the new motto, which he called "extremely fitting." Shumlin paid further tribute to the Latin language by saying "Veni. Vidi. Signati," or "I came. I saw. I signed," when he signed the bill establishing the motto back on April 10.

Though a motto doesn't have to change established signage too much, using custom screen printing will help businesses and government agencies like prepare for when it does.