Apple putting famous logos up for auction

You may not be thinking of the distant future when you settle down to design your business' vinyl signs, but perhaps you should be. A piece of signage that has been designed with staying power in mind could eventually go from being merely functional to familiar to iconic.

Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported on the auction that will be taking place in London's Bonham's auction house involving classic pieces of Apple history: two of the colorful fruit-shaped logos that fans of old-school computing will instantly remember.

The signs come from the exterior of the California Apple headquarters and were taken down 17 years ago. The images on the Bonham's site don't try to disguise the clear signs of weathering on the pieces: one has dampened colors and peeling paint, the other has some visible cracking on the bottom stripe. 

All the same, both signs are currently being listed as between $10 and $15,000 in value. The auction will open in bidding on June 4, the Wire reports.

This design may not be the first logo that Apple ever used, but they are undeniably associated with the brand's success. A piece on Business Insider recently juxtaposed the two, so one can easily see how the first design, a painterly sketched image of Isaac Newton, proved to be less memorable.

By experimenting with vinyl graphics and the other possibilities that custom signs can provide, your business might take the first step toward something that eventually proves this valuable and long-lasting. Although it might take the passage of time to determine this, the strength of your signs can be an issue dealt with immediately.