British cracker company chooses new look for packaging

Creating a new brand identity through custom-made logos and images can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why businesses need to make sure they are making the right choices when they change their most important company signifiers.

A popular European company, United Biscuits, has chosen a new look for its brand of crackers, Jacob's. Although it keeps much of the same design elements as the previous logo, the newer one makes some strategic changes involving the font used.

The brand's former logo placed the name Jacob's in the center of a large black diamond on a colorful background, in between the phrases "since 1885" and "simply baked." The newer style gets rid of both of those additional lines of text and softens the font so it has a rounded, bolder look, with the "s" in Jacob's smaller than the rest of the word.

The Drum quotes United Biscuits' director of Savory Brands, Ted Linehan, on its expectations for this new image. According to this source, the company has already spent the equivalent of more than $18 million on the campaign.

"Following the successful introduction of the Jacob's masterbrand campaign, this will help us to continue growing through stronger on-shelf impact and easier range navigation for the brand in-store," he said. "We are confident this will help to extend Jacob's appeal to all our customers."

Think about using custom screen printing and other tailored forms of signage to really drive home the message behind a change in company or product logo. Doing so will help customers realize the differences in the new look and learn to accept it as the standard representation of your company. You can also extend this to special appearances at major events or openings.