British tennis player confuses with new logo

Personal branding is as important in the age of social media and sharable content as business branding, and with the right attitude and marketing, pretty much anything can become a prominent symbol, if enough care is put into it. Andy Murray is a well-known tennis player in the UK, but he recently adopted a special logo just for himself. While fans like it, commentators are confused by its stark appearance.

The new logo, which the Independent calls a "dark mark," attempts to display Murray's first and last initial in black letters while also hiding the number "77" in plain view. According to the source, this is because Murray's win at Wimbledon took place 77 years after the previous British victory.

Even knowing that, this logo could leave viewers cold, its harsh angles somewhat similar to a digital clock readout.  The Guardian quotes Dan Calderwood, a representative of the company who designed the logo and called it a "modern mark that captures Andy's energy and spirit whilst subtly referencing his affinity with the number '77'. It's simple and striking, with heraldic cues that echo his dominance on the court."

That source is also encouraging users to submit their own versions of the logo, calling the official one "just three black lines on a page." Some of the alternate ideas posed by fans involve striking block letters, a lightning bolt image or specific tennis-related themes and colors.

Finding the right logo is tough, and especially demanding for those that are trying to bring their brand to a new medium. For such businesses, custom screen printing is useful to display a newer logo proudly and help to make sure it has the proper resonance among loyal followers.