Choosing a ‘transparent’ look for your promotional materials

Signage may be different from product packaging in many ways, but some tactics that work for food containers are also translatable to vinyl signs and other displays. Recently, Creative Bloq spotlighted the work of one designer, Mehmet Gozetlik, who imagined what famous brands would look like with a much simpler execution. He featured several different images showing the products with a typical label, a less elaborate label and just the name and logo imprinted on the bottle or package.

Gozetlik's re-envisioning includes famous products like Pringles, Red Bull, Schweppes and others. In some cases, printing the label directly on a soda or detergent bottle allows customers the chance to see the liquid inside better. For boxes and containers like Nesquik and the chocolate Toffifee, the lack of graphics and writing lets the bright colors of the background to stand out.

More​ so, the changes that companies make to their product label designs should also be reflected in the large-scale signage you use for special promotions. One example in Gozetlik's bunch of images is Nutella, which he shows in a plain jar with the name of the company in white over its dark brown contents.

Of course, this is just an unofficial speculation, but Nutella did coincidentally launch a campaign with a special food truck in California. According to NBC, this featured a truck with images of the spread on the side and even an inflatable version of the famous jar. The truck gave out samples as well as merchandise to street-based customers.

Updating signage to keep up with the look of individual products is sometimes difficult, but creative designs from professional sign companies help.