Coke changes famous red can color

Previously, this blog has discussed the visceral reactions that consumers have to the color red, but that's far from the only shade that captures attention. Coca-Cola, one of the brands most traditionally associated with bright red, is taking a different tactic for a new beverage called Coca-Cola Life. This version will use cans that keep the white cursive script but display it against a bright green background.

The main difference between this and the standard version of coke is that Life will contain stevia, the non-sugar sweetener. After being tested in South American countries like Chile and Argentina, the drink will make its American debut this November.

Although the new design has generated a lot of consumer and media interest, opinions seem to be divided, at least according to social media. Business Insider cited information obtained by researchers Meltwater on the average opinion among customers in Great Britain, another country where the stevia-infused beverage has been available.

The results show a near-even split, with 51 percent of Facebook and Twitter conversations about the green coke negative, and only 49 percent of it being positive. The source received comments from an anonymous representative of Coke, who denied that the product was being poorly received.

"We are really encouraged by the reception that the Coca-Cola Life launch has garnered," she said. "It has generated huge volumes of conversation online about the product and we are really encouraged by what we hearing from our consumers."

All of this shows that companies need to take something like a color change seriously, and reflect it on their sign materials, possibly through custom screen printing.