Create business cards that fit together for a neat design

This blog recently looked at business cards and how they still work as company signifiers, even though the information printed on them can often be found on the internet. It's true to some extent that their physicality provides an advantage: you can experiment with unique designs and patterns in business cards that won't work with other media.

These patterns don't have to include the logo or main content of the card, but instead can be a neat and eye-catching feature that helps make your company stand out. Better still, businesses may want to take a page from architecture firm Zoom BCN, a company that has placed unique figures on the backs of their business cards that create a a specific design when placed all together.

Though this strategy used a 3D printer, the basic concept is applicable to cards of all different kinds. PSFK profiled this promotional tactic, which implements a tactile map of the city of Barcelona, the home base of Zoom BCN. Fitting multiple cards together and flipping them over adds to the effect, creating an impact that builds on the portable nature of business cards.

Working with graphic design specialists could suggest novel tactics like this that encourages people to take a closer look at what you have to offer. Rich, interesting images or bright colors are other ways to add to a card's value, and work even better if they reinforce the basic color scheme of a brand.

Get creative and pursue an ambitious new promotional plan with Pressure Sensitive Products' graphic design resources. We apply the same level of skill, professional knowledge and collaboration to making items like business cards as we do to vinyl signs, so our customers feel confident that even wild ideas will be accommodated and made to fit the available space.