Devising store-based graphics that guide the customer

Your business might not have to come up with a new design for its brick-and-mortar locations from scratch, but you can still take steps to maximize walk-in business. 

Business News Daily recently featured a brief list of a few things to keep in mind when setting up the signs and window graphics that will greet visitors at your locations. These could not only be the first impression your business makes, but a way to steer customers into making a purchase, the source says.

The article cites information from a recent study commissioned by FedEx, which states that every aspect of a sign needs to be geared toward a quick and easy-to-understand message. This is because customers "generally view a graphic for only 20 seconds," so a sign with contradictory or confusing imagery and language could leave the viewer unsure as to which step to take next after seeing it.

A similar piece from Entrepreneur recently looked at some of the elements that go into an attention-grabbing sign or display. It featured a quote from Sapna Budev of the International Sign Association, who said, among other things, that a pleasing contrast between colors can help encourage visibility.

"A weak color contrast can be strengthened with an outline or drop shadow around the foreground lettering," Budev said. "Adding a border around the text or graphic also increases reading speed."

By paying this much attention to custom window graphics, businesses can send the message that they take this seriously, and that the care they take in their imaging is also be reflected in their service and professionalism. Even relatively simple decisions can all be part of a coordinated effort that makes your customers feel better about trusting your business.