Effective fonts will match the style of the times

In addition to promoting the style and values of your brand, the custom made signs that your business invests in can also refer to the most common stylistic trends of the time to help make viewers feel comfortable. Although there are many different typefaces that have lasted for years and still work well, there's value in selecting a font that feels perfect for this cultural moment.

The medium that text is displayed on plays a role in determining the best shape and style to choose. Talking to the Pioneer Press, professional font designer Charles Andermack, who goes by the name of Chank Diesel, said that the best typefaces will be specifically tied to the current zeitgeist, making the font more relevant. He also says that technology has broadened the types of fonts needed to appeal to viewers.

"Typefaces are always evolving. Every generation has new typefaces that speak to it," he said. "Now, we're looking at screens more often than we're looking at paper and that calls for new fonts. And those screens have specific shapes that are changing. That calls for new fonts, too."

He also suggests that the best fonts provoke a strong reaction from the viewer. In his mind, even the much-hated Comic Sans is better than a blander font like Helvetica. Keeping this in mind, businesses can try to anticipate a customer's reaction before they arrange text on vinyl signs and other promotional material

The particular medium you use to attract attention will impact the reputation of your business and the presence it has on the market. Create vinyl signs that show off your logo and other messages in a good light, using designs that help to send the message home.