Energizer will launch new business with new logo

Memorable logos and brands are important aids to promoting business, but sometimes they can make launching a new name a tall order. Energizer Holdings is announcing a new subsidiary company, Edgewell Personal Care, that is meant to be both part of the same corporate family and a distinct entity all its own. To that end, it requires its own mascot that will stick in the public's mind, not an easy feat after the widespread success of the famous pink Energizer Bunny.

Coincidentally enough, Edgewell will also use an animal in its logo synonymous with long-lasting energy, a hummingbird. A press release from Energizer goes into detail about the further symbolism behind this choice: the hummingbird is seen as a "challenger of the natural world," just as the brand is meant to be energetic and provide solutions.

The official "separation" that will establish Edgewell as its own entity will take place this coming July. The Global CMO of Energizer's Personal Care Division, Al Robertson, explained further why the hummingbird image made sense for this upcoming company.

"It's an emotionally engaging symbol that expresses our values, and it will help us to stand apart from the more traditional corporate logos in our industry," he said. Edgewell will be a company that contains several of Energizer's existing brands in itself, including Schick and Banana Boat.

Choosing an appropriate image to go along with a new business takes planning, and a marketing effort that extends this imagery to several different types of material can help promote a new logo properly. Think about custom screen printing as a way to start exposing your company's newest logo designs to the world, and then move onto related signage and other materials.