Fix your company’s image with a successful rebranding

When it's time to give your company a new look and a new focus, changing the logo is one of the easiest ways to announce this new identity to the world. There are not only aesthetic changes, but real business benefits your business company could notice after putting these into place. Henry Hegelson of payment processing company Cayan addresses some of the impacts of a successful rebranding in a piece for Mashable.

He writes that the effects of branding are powerful as long as the effort is successful. Whatever changes are made, business partners should be able to see the consistent business values present and expect the same levels of performance later on once the new identity has taken hold. This could also give viewers a more accurate idea of your business, as Hegelson describes from his own experience at his company.

"Rebranding tends to give a much-needed boost to external branding and bring in not only more candidates, but the right ones," he said. "For example, our previous name included the word 'warehouse,' and it wasn't entirely uncommon for people to apply to be forklift operators for that reason. Unfortunately, as a payments company, we don't hire forklift operators."

One example of a "corrective" rebranding could be the "fast casual" restaurant Chipotle. According to the restaurant's CMO Mark Crumpacker, quoted in a recent article on the chain in Bloomberg, the original logo for the restaurant featured green and red colors, which Crumpacker thinks was "too Italian." The current logo, in contrast, clearly features the image of a pepper, rendered in different shades of red.

This shows that changing to a new logo helps to fix any problems in the  way that others currently perceive your company. Make sure the most accurate logo and slogan stay connected to your image through vinyl signs and other signage.