Injecting a little artistry into your signage

Your business might have a very recognizable brand with images you want to keep intact, and there's nothing wrong with continuing the same ideas to foster more recognition. However, a redesign using the talent of experienced artists can be something that helps encourage loyal customers and draws old ones.

When it comes to the label put on products, one example of this is the tactic that Beck's beer has been taking to rebrand itself in an interesting and appealing way. Packaging Digest reported on the program that it uses to do this, which contracts new artists every year to create alternatives to the traditional images seen on the bottles.

As a promotional stunt, this works out in Beck's favor, but in the past it has also netted them the talents and fresh ideas of artists like Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono. 

But the person you turn to for inspiration can be a local one instead of a big-name celebrity. A Birmingham Business Journal article recently detailed the way that city has been endorsing the work of local artists to create signage thanks to a federal grant.

Although these pieces are just for directional purposes, the mayor of the city, William Bell, described this as being of great importance to promoting visitors.

"We know that having a vibrant city center is a key to success for our neighborhoods and the entire region," he said. "This grant is yet another recognition from Washington that Birmingham is on the move and worth investing in."

Does your business have the window graphics necessary to engage all kinds of users? All it might take is an outside mind to rethink the key elements of your brand.