‘Marsala’ is Pantone’s new ‘Color of the Year’

Part of creating an attractive atmosphere in your store depends on being aware of current design trends. This could include the definitive shades chosen and marketed by Pantone LLC, a part of the Pantone family that sets a new color for every year that is meant to define the look of different industries. Your business could incorporate the 2015 color, "Marsala," into vinyl signs and other local displays to help match the way other fashions are going.

Marsala, technically known as PANTONE 18-1438, has already been used in fashion shows and is meant to represent "a sophisticated, natural earthiness." The company expects that this color will be adopted throughout 2015 and was described by the Associated Press as "not a risky" choice for next year's color.

In a press release, Pantone specifically describes the tone that Marsala can bring to an interior space as "Complex and full-bodied," and also recommends it for use in promotion.

"A rich contrasting color, Marsala is ideal for use in graphic design and packaging," the statement says. "Eye-catching, but not overwhelming or bright, consumers are immediately drawn to the hue, making it an alluring shade at point-of-purchase."

Past colors awarded the same title have included Radiant Orchid, Emerald and Tangerine. The AP also quotes the Pantone Color Institute's Leatrice Eiseman, who said the color communicates "a certain amount of confidence and stability." She adds that Pantone first noticed the color earlier this year.

Your company will likely already have its own color and design worth preserving in signage materials. However, considering the Pantone system and its emphases will help you make informed design decisions that are connected to important style patterns impacting the rest of the world. Customers could respond well to displays that mimic the sort of tones seen in other media.