More color talk: Which shade sums up your brand?

Earlier this year, this blog discussed the various connotations that the color red has in advertising and how companies should think about using it.

AdWeek has a new infographic from Ruby Media Corporation that goes even further by analyzing the colors of various famous logos.

What's interesting is the way that this graphic puts design in perspective: Many of the logos use several colors, but there's always one that's most dominant, and that is the color that creates the most powerful association.

For example, while the Starbucks "Siren" logo actually contains more white than green, it's the green that captures the senses, projecting "the harmony of nature," according to the source. The Mozilla Firefox emblem is orange, yellow and blue but the brightness of the orange (which symbolizes "creativity") captures the attention. FedEx has orange in it, too, as well as purple, which takes up more space and makes consumers feel "nostalgic, romantic" and "introspective."

A Forbes SAP Voice piece written by Ryan Somers also looks at the messages different colors send.

"Customers generally make purchase decisions within 90 seconds of interaction with a product and about 62-90% of judgment is based on color," he writes. "Choosing the color of a logo is a bit more complicated, but studies show that the most crucial factor is the relationship between brand and product."

Your company might have a general understanding of this, but have you implemented into your POP signs? If so, you will send a clear message to potential customers and foster a positive connection in their minds between your company and your "dominant" color.