New logo and slogan for website DeviantArt

Adopting a new slogan and logo at the same time can be an effective way to show customers that you are taking on a new identity. Empty Lighthouse Magazine recently reported on the ways the popular art website DeviantArt is launching a new graphic and a phrase to accompany it. Both are intended to hammer home the theme of change within the business and, more importantly, "evolution."

To the average person, the new logo simply resembles a blocky green "z" with a diagonal line running through it. But, as a YouTube video shows, it's actually a reference to the previous DeviantArt logo, which features an interlocking D and A. The accompanying slogan is "Bleed and Breed Art."

This rebranding, which coincides with the launch of a mobile app, is a way for the site to promote innovation as a key value. On the blog post describing the changes, the website explained the intended effect of this striking logo.

"Our new logo is symbolic of everything we believe," it reads. "It is an audacious and inspired evolution of our original dA mark—literally turning the art world upside down. We love it because, like DA, people might not get it right away and, like all great art, it challenges perceptions and perspectives. Most importantly, it elevates DeviantArt and our artists."

Taking this as a cue, your business might also want to go in a bold direction. If so, custom screen printing is a way to get your message out and show the world your newest ideas. A logo that naturally evolves from a previous one could be a good choice for companies with a brick and mortar location, because customers will be familiar with seeing the previous signs and recognize the new design.