Ordinary tools can lead to strong custom logo decals

Once your company has decided on a memorable logo, the next step is to create custom decals that can be reproduced for marketing purposes at storefronts and in other media.

You shouldn't feel limited in what you have to work with, because even basic fonts and designs can be used to make something unique. Once you have this sort of emblem ready, you can turn to an experienced printing company.

Wired recently profiled a project by a branding company for the US Pavilion that took classic monotone imagery drawn from common word processor fonts. The source spoke to one of the minds behind this initiative, Natasha Jen, on the thought that went into crafting such a stylish yet practical look. Jen explained that "fonts aren't something people think about until they become a problem."

In a recent piece for the Charlotte Observer, Jennie Wong outlined "the four p's" of branding, which include "Purpose, Promise, Personality and Positioning." These principles can extend to the way you depict your company in pieces of advertising, as well, especially when it comes to the last point.

In her piece, Wong describes "Positioning" as the way your business relates to competitors and its field. Specially-designed fonts can help you highlight this aspect as well.

"Your customers may know they need whatever service of widget you're selling, but that doesn't tell them why they should buy said service or widget from you!" she said.

A lot of work can go into coming up with just the right appearance, but translating this into store window graphics shouldn't be an additional hassle. The choices you make in creating a design should stem organically from the nature of the product or service, as both simple and complex designs can be made into compelling logos.