Reebok’s ‘delta’ logo embraces top-selling products

Businesses are constantly trying to keep their brands current and in line with industry standards. Sometimes that means changing their image.

Reebok, which has been around for over a century, recently released its third change, one that features its own rendition of the Delta triangle, which is intended to "symbolize the three pillars of positive self-change: mental, physical, and social," Fast Co. Design contributor John Brownlee explained.

Prior to this change, the sports apparel and shoe company decorated its sneakers and products with a vector — a design intended to promote athleticism and running. Nowadays, Reebok doesn't have the contracts it once had with professional basketball and football players, but its line of Crossfit, dance and yoga apparel are its top sellers.

"The new brand mark signals a clear purpose for our brand and it will be a badge for those who pursue a fuller life through fitness," Reebok's Chief Marketing Officer Matt O'Toole, said in a statement. "We believe the benefits of an active life go beyond the physical benefits and impacts your whole self and your relationships with others."

Reebok's Crossfit products launched three years ago and continue to become a larger part of the company's sales. Figures from 2013 saw that revenue increased by 13 percent during the first quarter. The Delta custom logo decal may not be an original concept, but its message is clear: this is where Reebok will stand in the 21st century.

During the launch of this new logo, Reebok also released a line of sneakers that are made with light foam material, which is intended to be light and comfortable for fitness and daily wear, ABC reported.

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