Retailers start holiday decorations early with ‘Christmas in August’

Businesses don't usually put up Christmas decorations in August, but an Idaho-based Fox news affiliate recently reported on the tendency of local stores to do just that. Holiday imagery easily lends itself to window graphics and other in-store signage, but why display it months before the actual event?

There are multiple reasons. For one, the shock of seeing Christmas trees and ornaments months before snow starts to fall is an attention grabber, as well as a way to liven-up the duller sales period between the Fourth of July and the back-to-school specials in late August.

But the source quoted from a statement from crafts store Hobby Lobby, which said it had a more practical reason to trot out the tinsel so early: it appeals to their customer base. Specifically, the shoppers who come to Hobby Lobby need holiday-themed supplies to prepare for their own business far in advance.

"The early shipments allow us to meet the needs of our designers and display merchandisers that have to shop early," it said. "We also supply many items to our crafting customers who make and sell items at craft shows during the months of September through December."

This early holiday push isn't limited to the United States: UK source the Portsmouth News described a similar trend. Local stores are displaying Christmas cards for sale right now, and though some of the customers polled in the article are surprised, most seem to appreciate the option.

If your company doesn't yet have special holiday-themed window signs, it's a good idea to work on these earlier rather than later. Then, not only will you be prepared for winter, but you will also have the options of pre-seasonal specials.