The hidden values of logo shapes

Great logo designs for businesses work on multiple levels and may communicate an important value in an unconscious way. Think, for example, of the overall shape of a logo, even a relatively complicated one.

The outline, surrounding space and general construction of a logo image could carry with it a message that syncs up with whatever the brand is trying to associate itself with. This could be obvious, like a logo that resembles the main product you sell, or somewhat more subtle. Part of an infographic Entrepreneur recently published from CompanyFolders asserts that the shape a logo takes carries with it an implied series of judgments.

As examples, the graphic presents the triangular upward thrust of the Adidas logo, which it says demonstrates "power," alongside the Circular General Electric design, more illustrative of unity and togetherness. In both cases, these are ideas that work well with whatever the brand's business is and what they are trying to sell to consumers. 

A brand doesn't have to literally use these shapes to incorporate the same design principles into custom logo decals and similar signifiers. Even logos that consist of pure text can be shaped to create the impression of a certain figure, with straight, hard lines for a rectangle or smooth, curved swoops for a circle. The effect could be the same if the letters and empty space are stylized correctly.

Pressure Sensitive Products offers graphic design services alongside its other custom screen printing and signmaking options. Work with us to develop designs that will express a clear and consistent message in the various media that you choose to promote your business' presence at a store, on vehicles and in printed materials. Orient elements like font and graphics so there's no mistaking what the brand considers most important.