The modern business card is still a powerful networking tool

Pressure Sensitive Products' menu of products and services extends from the large (banners and window graphics) to the small. This includes business cards, which are still a vital part of personal branding and marketing that distinguishes a company's employees, on any level. Logos replicated on this small surface with crispness and vibrant color will leave no doubt as to which business the owner works for.

Business cards have to balance standardization with a sense of creativity and individuality that sums up a brand. Although they've been a staple of office culture and the business world for a long time, there are still new things companies can do with their official cards to remain fresh in the mind of a colleague or potential business partner.

Exploring the different creative possibilities of the business card could have some very real repercussions on professional relationships, for the better. A column for The Economist recently listed some of the enduring benefits to physical, handheld paper identifiers. Not only do they help create social bonds quickly, but, the author states, they easily communicate information about a person's position in a subtle and non-intrusive way.

"Exchanging business cards is not just a way of sparking a conversation. It is a way of placing people correctly in the pecking-order without the embarrassment of asking them their formal title," this person writes. "As 'wearables' go, this is a killer app."

Our graphic design capabilities will allow businesses to create a card that leaves plenty of room for employee information, letting employees make each piece their own. It's a small thing that sends a potential message to others about how serious businesses take their mission and how committed workers are to what they do. If you invest in a good business card design, people will notice.