The unintentional success of a speaker company’s logo

The medium that a logo will be displayed in is important to consider when companies decide it's time for a change. One company, however, seems to have made the best choice for their online presence without intending to, and the result was minor online celebrity.

The business in question, Sonos, deals in speakers, but the logo it recently debuted doesn't depict this specifically. Instead, it places the name unadorned against an orange web of lines on black, or a "sonic burst." Users and the media fell in love with it because scrolling up and down in a browser while looking at this logo creates a memorable pulsing image that almost resembles an animation.

At the time of release, it seemed like it might have been an intentional reference to visualizations of sound. On the contrary: as the company's Vice President of Brand Design Webb Blevins told Fast Company, says he was surprised by the positive reaction.

"We didn't know people were going to notice it so prominently," Blevins said. "We've done quite a bit of animation studies making that more prominent, but I thought, personally, it was going to go unnoticed."

Another logo recently adopted by the brand, also mentioned by the source, is a "modular" design repeated over and over again across numerous posters displayed one after the other, or in some other continuous space. This means different posters and images can be substituted and swapped out as needed.

While the story of this logo was a happy mistake, other businesses should take control by developing a logo specifically for display on vinyl signs and other surfaces. Professional display companies will take this into account and create not just the best logo, but the one that best fits your business' chosen means of marketing itself.