What makes campaign logos effective?

If you're launching a new product, running for a political office or just trying to tell passersby about a sale, effective graphics are an important part of the strategy. It might take a lot of trial and error to find a logo that is right for your purpose, but coming up with one you truly feel good about will give the campaign more confidence and perhaps get more customers involved.

Hillary Clinton's official campaign logo has just been unveiled, and the results have drawn some criticism online. Whatever a person's political leanings, the look of a logo is important in the way a candidate or brand is perceived, and the 2016 Clinton campaign is no exception.

The logo Clinton is using is a blue capital letter H with a red arrow embedded in it, pointing to the right. Unsurprisingly, the logo has been analyzed intensely. As CNN Money reports, the red color and right-pointing direction of the arrow could be misinterpreted as Republican identifiers in a Democratic candidate's image.

Then again, designer Milton Glaser suggests that the controversy is ill-advised and the logo really does accomplish its goals.

"It's an effective piece of graphic design, because it encompasses the idea of her name and the idea of movement," he said. "That's the stated objective of the logo, and it embraces what the campaign wants to say."

Coming up with the best possible logo requires advice from a professional in graphic design who knows what looks the best in different formats. Custom screen printing and other options should be used based on whether or not they will create the desired logo most effectively and make it look best to the public. A logo that seems questionable in the early stages could look a lot more appropriate once it has been successfully rendered on the right sign piece.