What makes digital printing a great custom print display method

Commercial printing has experienced change, due to the prevalence of computers, the internet and other technology. While the use of traditional printing presses are still common, these printers are challenged by the rise of digital printing technology.

This printing method is gaining traction because it is a cost-effective alternative that doesn't give up the quality of the end product, according to Industrial Printing. A business can update its store window graphics within days, instead of waiting weeks for an order to arrive.

"Beyond the comparatively low startup costs associated with digital printing, there are a number of other potential benefits to be gained from the use of this technology," Industrial Printing contributor Chip Ficyk wrote."

Digital printing's popularity is partly due to the use of computers, to which companies can send files online. Within the realm of digital printing specifically, experts in the field are able to utilize UV, water-based or dry toner-fusion inks with wide format printers. Now that less time is spent on the building blocks of an order, custom print displays can be completed in a shorter time frame.

"[D]igital printing complements traditional printing methods and, in some sectors, can be a viable alternative," Ficyk noted

A survey from Unisource found that digital printers do a better job of tracking changes as well as identifying which alterations fit best for the final product. Printing professionals can paying close attention to specific details: traditional methods of printing made customization a little more difficult.

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