Can signs help your store survive Black Friday?

The infamous "Black Friday" sales are such a well-known aspect of modern consumerism that many businesses big and small are likely prepared to see a high volume of customers on this day. Your store is in a tricky position, as it must promote discounts and attract interest while still managing large amounts of arrivals safely.

A recent piece on AdWeek examined the immense reputation that Black Friday holds for the shopping season. One of the challenges facing brick and mortar businesses during this time is how to keep customers engaged while the holiday buying preparations are pushed back earlier and earlier, with some businesses creating sales for "pre-Black Friday," and others even turning the Thanksgiving evening into "Black Thursday."

With custom-designed POP signs, businesses can help control the crowds and direct attention in a constructive way. For example, if your business is adopting an unusual Black Friday schedule to cope with the traffic, you can advertise this at the front of the store. You can also alert customers to conveniences, such as express lines for fast purchases or other exits to use once they finish paying.

It helps to do some research and see what shoppers value during a busy holiday sale to make yours more effective. Different major department stores are managing their own schedules, with some, like Target, Macy's and J.C. Penney,  being open for nearly 24 hours starting the night before Black Friday. With this in mind, you can figure out when you are most likely to see store activity and which aspect of the store to emphasize. 

The more specific your store's signs can be, the better your sale will go. This will reduce the stress you feel and make the dreaded Black Friday weekend relatively painless.