Cardroom or casino? California town council disputes signage

How you define your business on its signage could be subject to regulation and land you in trouble if you're inaccurate. This is being proven in a case in Lodi, California, where a local "cardroom" is attempting to rebrand itself. The name change is only minor to those that don't know the amount of deliberation that goes into classifying a business.

A story in the Lodi News-Sentinel, a local publication, said that the city council has allowed an area business to describe itself as a casino in its promotional signs, as well as add more tables. In the minds of most of the councilman, this addition was enough to qualify it as a "casino."

This company is the Wine Country Cardroom and restaurant, and the decision to classify it this way has caused some divisive opinions. Before POP signs are produced, a business should be clearly defined: that way, the business doesn't have to spend more money scrapping the signs they've just made and redoing them with different wording.

While one of the council members claimed that the Cardroom doesn't have the necessary equipment and games to be considered a full casino, another, councilman Bob Johnson, said that it falls within the definition.

"I haven't heard any reports of false advertising," Johnson said. "I think anyone who walks into this business knows what it is. The fact that there is no spa or tennis courts or Cirque du Soleil running back and forth behind the bar doesn't phase them. They're there for one purpose."

Custom made signs give businesses the freedom to follow the law and put their best foot forward. In this effort, accuracy is vital.