Designing the best point of purchase sign for your business

The Point of Purchase (POP) is a crucial location for advertising, because it solidifies brand loyalty in customers who are making a transaction and it also gives them the opportunity to add more items to their order. 

Here are some ways to take full advantage of pop signs in your store: 

  • Add value: Give individuals a good incentive to buy something. On your sign, include a special offer or discount that the buyer can use the next time they stop by. This will increase your store's foot traffic and customer loyalty.
  • Be clear: Make sure your signage communicates its message clearly. Try to approach design from the perspective of a customer. Assuming no prior knowledge will help you to create a product that stands alone.
  • Identify desires: Motivate customers to buy your product by communicating exactly what desire the item will satisfy. Will it bring them peace and relaxation? A moment of enjoyment? A better quality of life? 
  • Go bold: It's important to stand out from the crowd, so design a poster or sign that uses bright colors and is eye-catching. It should be visible from far away, so customers don't have to strain to read it.
  • Make it accessible: Be sure to stock plenty of impulse items below your pop signs so customers can act on their desires immediately and add products to their cart. Put them out in the open where they're easy to reach, so individuals don't pass them by. 
  • Use graphics: Images tend to capture the imagination in less time than words do. Utilize images by depicting how your product can be enjoyed.

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